Tahreef in the QURAN

First book in which this claim of tahreef was recorded was in the book of Sulaym bin Qais, died year 90AH. It’s contents was praised, ‘Abjadh’ alphabets of the shia, secret of the secrets of ahlul bayt: Agha Bazrik At-Tahrani, Adhari’aa:vol.2 page 152, and Hamish was’ail al shia, vol.2, page 42, number 4.

An-nu’mani ‘there is no disagreement amongst all the shia, amongst those who carry the knowledge and transmitted it from the imams, there is no dispute that his book is one of the foundations amongst the greatest of foundations of the shia usool, and the oldest. Whatever is in that book is a reference to the shia.’ Al ghaybiya page 61.

Al majlisi ‘one of the foundations amongst the greatest of foundations.’ He then narrated 4 narrations from Ali Ibn Hussain, that he said, ‘sadaqa, sulaym’ sulaym spoke the truth.’ Bihaar al Anwar: vol.1, page 156-158.

Ali was named in that book, “‘Al awaal, Al akhar, Adh-dhahir…’ This description came from the sun to Ali, and this was heard by Abu bakr and Umar and the rest of the muhajirun, and they all fell unconscious.” The book of sulaym, Al-hilaali, page 38 print of Al-‘A’lami, and page 31, 32, print of An-Najaf.

Allah described Himself with these names, in surah 57, ayah 3.

Some books of the narrators of the shia, considered the one who narrated this book, from sulaym as weak! Abban Ibn Abi Ayash, yet Abban is considered weak by Ahlul sunnah, some of the shia even claim that the author is unknown, and some say it ‘is problematic, but it does not nullify most of which was narrated by others.’  Al-Khawansari, rawdatul jannaat, vol.4 page 68

Kulayni depended on it. Usul Al kafi, vol.1 page.252, and Dhaa3’imul Kufr, and also Al Qummi who is also known as As-Sudooq, in his book, fi Man la yahdhuruhul faqih. At-Tabrasi and etc. Also in other major books.

Some discredited this book not due to the content within it, rather because he made the imams 13! In number.

It was referred to by all big scholars, the four major ones. And the latter generations of shia referred to it as ‘the’ reference. As affirmed by Al-Majlisi, Al Bihaar Al anwar, vol.1 page 32, and Al-hur Al-Amily, in his book wasa’il ul shia, vol.20, page 210, and others.

There are only 2 narrations in sulaym’s book which say omission occurred in the Book of Allah, and they were’nt so explicit. These narrations amplified later. In the 3rd century this lie was added to. Al Qummi, the shaykh of Al Kulayni, said, in tafsir al qummi, Vol.1, page 48, 100, 110, 118, 122, 123, 142, 159, vol.2, page 21, 111, 125, and others. He also stated this in the introduction to his tafsir, vol.1, page 10.

And their shaykh Al Kashaani, said himself that Al-Qummi’s tafsir is filled with it. And also shaykh An-nuri At-Tabrasi, ‘Al-Qummi, stated this creed, in the beginning of his tafsir and filled his book with his narration despite his statement, in the beginning that he will not mention narrations but from his shayookh and trustworthy references.’  At-Tabrasi’s, fakhlul khitaab, paper 13, from the manuscript, and paper 26, from the printed one. Despite this fact that it has been filled with this, the authority of the shia nowadays, Al-Kho’i, he authenticated ALL of the narrations in Al-Qummi, in mu’jam rijaal al hadeeth lil kho’i, vol.1 page 63. After Al-Qummi his student Al-Kulayni, Al-kafi, reported much of this falsehood in his book. Vol.1 page 413, and afterwards. Numbers of hadiths are, 8, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 45, 58, 59, 60, 64, in vol.2, many many places. Despite he said he will quote only authentic.

Al-Khashaani, affirmed that Al-Kulayni believed it was true about the tahreef of the qur’an, Tafsir As-Safi, introduction, page 52, and Al-A’lamy, page 40 printed in Tehran.

Al-Kulayni’s book Al-Kafi is recorded to be the highest authentic book for the Shia, due to Al-Kulayni living amongst the 4 greatest scholars of Shia, who claimed to have had meetings with the awaited Mahdi, so what is in the book should have been affirmed by those scholars in Bahgdad.

Al-Majlisi in his book, mir’atul ‘uqool, ruled that some of the narrations of Al-Kafi, were weak but also, he authenticated some of the narrations regarding tahreef also, of them, is, ‘the qur’an which jibreel AS brought to Muhammed SAW, was 17,000 ayah.’


An-Nuri At-Tabrasi, died 1320, and was buried in the sacred spot, he inserted his book, ‘this is a matter which is in agreement amongst the shia.’ He presented 1000 plus proofs, of verses which were omitted, and it is agreed upon by most of the books that are authentic within the Shia.