There is an attack on the aqeedah of the muslim body, which did not start recently, this was done by mainly sects who sprouted and broke away from the companions after the Prophet’s death. These people were classified as the generation after the companions for there was no bid’ah in aqeedah (bid’ah i’tiqadiyyah) and  this group of people were bold enough and crazy enough to claim that they, the companions of the messenger (SAW) were  heretics or kuffar(!) in general. A few major sects sprouted from this hatred, which arose after the companions had a difference between them in judgment which led to the disruption and fitnah.

So this is an attack that is generally based in and comprised around (this is where it found safety and grounding) the ahadeeth of Ahlul Sunnah namely our most prized and authentic sources. And mainly attack the companions who narrated them, almost never do these groups attack the members in the chains, who Ahlul Sunnah see as so righteous (of those who we accept for the chains), but attack the strings in our very hearts.

The beauty of the belief of Ahlul sunnah is that we love all those ALLAH AND His messenger loved. Because love of the messenger SAW does not by itself entitle you to jannah, but the love of Allah does. What do I mean here? I mean if Allah’s messenger SAW disliked someone, they would still be able to enter jannah. Such as Wahshi RA, Abu Sufyaan Al Harith RA and others. Allah’s messenger (saw) found it hard to like these people due to personal reasons.

But long story short, inshaallah I will be analysing and posting biographies of the companions and the others of the ahlul sunnah giants who are attacked by the deviant sects.

As well as this, I will be posting articles on hadith, and excerpts from well-known usul ul hadith books, as well as aqeedah books from the ahlul sunnah and analysing them. Aqeedah of ahlul sunnah compared with other sects and also much more.

Inshaallah Allah blesses me with the chance to be amongst the scholars and make us amongst ahlul jannah, and may Allah guide me and you to the path of those He loves and not of those He let go astray.

May Allah make this task of mine a success and make it easy for me.

Allah knows best in everything I say, and may He accept the works of the scholars and students I posted from, and also my own humble work.

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As well as refutations of what I say or post are welcome in the comments box, and any comments inshaallah.

Any evil I have said is from myself, any good I have said is from the blessings of Allah. Wslm wr wb