Answer of the office of Ayatullah Fadlullah:

ج) لعل ذلك يشير إلى الوصية التي يتحملها الإمام (ع) من سلفه والعهد الذي يعهد به إليه، والله تعالى أعلم، إضافة إلى أن الروايات غير تامة سنداً، فلا تكون موثوقة بالنظر إلى مضمونها وسندها

Maybe it is the Wasiyah or the promise which the Imam PBUH gives to the Imam which comes after him, Allah knows best. Keep in mind that the narrations are incomplete in Sanad and they(narrations) are not Mawthouqah(Trusted) based on the Matn and the Sanad.

– end –

comment: No one said anything about the Sanad, the point was if these were inserted later, don’t change the topic to the Sanad because for all I care Most of your Main Book is Garbage in terms of Sanad.

Answer of Ayatullah Ali Sistani:

From Imam-US (it’s basically the U.S liason office for Ayatullah al-Sistani):
السلام عليكم
مصطلح (دقيقة) وارد في اللغة العربية حتى قبل الاسلام. كما كلمة (ساعة)
ايضا. وهذه الكلمات لا يراد بها المعنى المتخذ اليوم وهو ان الدقيقة تعادل
ستين ثانية. بل بمعناها العام، مثلا (بقي الحسين يجود بنفسه ساعة) وتفاصيل
الحوادث لا تشير الى انها كانت ستين دقيقة، فالمعنى هو (فترة) و(وقت) محدد
وقليل. اما احتمال وضع الاحاديث بعد الائمة فهذا احتمال غير وارد، لان
الشيخ الكليني هو ثقة الاسلام وجميع الفقهاء يوثقونه ويعتمدون كتابه
الكافي، وهو كتاب ورد فيه اشادة من الامام المنتظر عجل الله تعالى فرجه.
لكن يبقى هو خاضع للتقيم ومعرفة الرواة والسند والدلالة. فهو ليس قرانا.

The Term “Daqiqah” is found in the Arabic language even before Islam. Like the word “Sa’ah”(Hour) also. And these words are not understood like they’re understood today as in 1 min is 60 sec. But they are understood in a General sense for example (Hussein remained at home for one hour) and the details of the narrations do not prove that it is 60 minutes, but it means a short amount of time.
As for the possibility of inserting these Hadiths after the Imams, this is not possible because Kulayni is thiqat-al-Islam(trustworthy in islam) and all Faqihs adopt his book al Kafi and this is a book Which the Awaited Imam (Mahdi) has praised, but still there is room to study the Sanad of the narrations and the narrators of such hadith because it is not a Quran.

– end –

comment: We all All Know the term hour was used back then, It’s in The Quran even and this is common knowledge and it means a short amount of time. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT MINUTE!!!

Firstly this Guy admits that Daqiqah(minute) is used in the narration to specify time and he is a LIAR! and I challenge him to bring me one Arabic dictionary which says that The word Daqiqah was used to specify time in the era of the Imams (And if he could he would have done so).

Secondly, He changes the topic Again to the Sanad, I don’t care about the Sanad, whether it is weak or strong doesn’t matter with me, Which Arab would understand the term minute in 140 hijri? this is unheard of, Who inserted this narration later into al Kafi?

Thirdly Notice That Ayatullah Sistani says that the Book al Kafi was PRAISED BY the Mahdi himself!!! Does anyone know what this means? it means that this book which is FULL of narrations of tahreef al Quran and full of the dumbest most ridiculous nonsense is praised by Mahdi, thus we can use any Hadith in this Book al Kafi as a Hujjah on the Twelvers and they can’t use the excuse of the Sanad being weak or not BECAUSE THE INFALLIBLE MAHDI PRAISED THIS BOOK!

here are a few examples:

اصول الكافي ج1 ص414
علي بن إبراهيم، عن أحمد بن محمد البرقي، عن أبيه، عن محمد بن سنان عن عمار بن مروان، عن منخل، عن جابر عن ابي جعفر عليه السلام قال: نزل جبرئيل عليه السلام بهذه الآية على محمد صلى الله عليه وآله هكذا: ” بئسما اشتروا به أنفسهم أن يكفروا بما أنزل الله (في علي) بغيا(2) “.

Usool al Kafi 1/417
Ali bin Ibrahim from Ahmad bin Muhammad al burqi from his Father, from Muhammad bin Sinan, from Ammar bin Marwan from Mankhal from Jabir from Abu Ja’afar PBUH that he said: Gabriel PBUH revealed this verse for the prophet PBUH like this: {{They bartered their lives ill denying the revelation of God in ALI out of spite}} Surat 2 Verse 90.

الحسين بن محمد، عن معلى بن محمد، عن علي بن أسباط، عن علي بن أبي حمزة، عن أبي بصير، عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام في قول الله عزوجل: ” ومن يطع الله ورسوله (في ولاية علي [وولاية] الائمة من بعده) فقد فاز فوزا عظيما(1) ” هكذا نزلت.

Usool al Kafi 1/414
Hussein bin Muhammad, from Ma’ala bin Muhammad, from Ali bin Asbat, from Ali bin Abi Hamza, from Abu Baseer, from Abu Abdullah PBUH about the saying of Allah: {{and he who obeys God and His Prophet in the Wilayah of Ali and the Wilayah of the Imams after him will be successful.}} Surat 33 Verse 71, This is How it was revealed.

علي بن إبراهيم، عن أحمد بن محمد، عن محمد بن خالد، عن محمد بن سليمان عن أبيه، عن أبي بصير، عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام في قول الله تعالى: ” سأل سائل بعذاب واقع * للكافرين (بولاية علي) ليس له دافع(1) ” ثم قال: هكذا والله نزل بها جبرئيل عليه السلام على محمد صلى الله عليه وآله.
المصدر السابق ص422

Usool al Kafi 1/422
Ali bin Ibrahim from Ahmad bin Muhammad from Muhammad bin Khalid from Muhammad bin Suleiman from his Father from Abu Baseer from Abu Abdullah PBUH about the saying of Allah: {{AN INQUIRER ASKED for the affliction that is to come (1) Upon the Kouffar In The Wilayah of Ali — which none would be able to repel –}} Surat 70 Verses 1 & 2, Then he said: By Allah it was revealed like this, this is how Gabriel PBUH revealed it to the Prophet PBUH.

Now the Question is, Did the Imam al Mahdi miss those and the hundreds of others by any chance? How can this “creature” praise such God awful disgusting kufri book!?

Al Salamu Aleykum,