As-Salamu alaikum

I remember when i watched debates at channel “Mustakillah”, shia speaker dr. al-Mosawi made a face and said that in Buhari there is hadith, that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) urinated while he was standing. Sometimes they are leaving issues of tawhid, takfir, and discussing such narrations.

The talk was about this narration:

Narrated Hudhaifa’:

The Prophet and I walked till we reached the dumps of some people. He stood, as any one of you stands, behind a wall and urinated. I went away, but he beckoned me to come. So I approached him and stood near his back till he finished.

Well first of all i would like to present shias fatwa from one of their top clerics, ayatolla Sistani.

Question 26 says:
“Is it permissible to urinate while standing with the assurances of being safe from tarnishing the body or the garment with impurity (Najasa)?
It is permissible”

After this fatwa, i would like to present shias hadith.

Muhammad ibn Yaqub al-Kulayni reported in “al-Kafi” vol 6, p 500, #12808, and Hurr al-Amili in “Wasael ush-shia” vol 1, p 352, #933:

علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن رجل، عن أبي عبدالله (عليه السلام) قال: سألته عن الرجل يطلي فيبول وهو قائم؟ قال: لا بأس به.

(Chain) imam Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam) was asked about man who urinated when he was standing, and he replied: No problem.

Muhammad Baqir Majlisi in “Miratul uqul” 22/402,  said narration is hasan or said that it’s muwathaq.

Anyways the hadith itself may need explanation which I would like to research here.

Also in Bukhari, vol.1 book 4, hadith 226

Narrated Abu Wail: Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari used to lay great stress on the question of urination and he used to say, “If anyone from Bani Israel happened to soil his clothes with urine, he used to cut that portion away.” Hearing that, Hudhaifa said to Abu Wail, “I wish he (Abu Musa) didn’t (lay great stress on that matter).” Hudhaifa added, “Allah’s Apostle went to the dumps of some people and urinated while standing.”

Or more explicitly here: Bukhari, vol.3, book 43 hadith no.651

Narrated Hudhaifa: I saw Allah’s Apostle coming (or the Prophet came) to the dumps of some people and urinated there while standing .

These narrations firstly show it is preferable to stand while urinating in places of dirt or places where garbage is disposed.

This is according to the narration of A’isha RA, where she said that the Prophet SAW always sat when urinating. This seemingly contradicting narration, is what many shi’a and other accusers seem to ignore, the concept of reconciliation.

This was according to A’isha’s  knowledge and what she saw. So she wouldn’t be lying if she said this. One incident that comes quickly to mind is the confusion about fadak and Abu Bakr and so on. According to the love of our messenger (SAW), her narration states that Fatimah died angry with Abu Bakr RA, but as we know this isn’t true. And again they would assume that A’isha was either lying, or any narration which is contrary to this one is fabricated. So what does someone who loves the Prophet and whoever he and his Lord loved do? We reconcile these, and we assume the best of our mother RA. She only spoke according to the version she had heard, and what she knew. And we know how the companions trusted each other. I will write about that also in another post.

Having the understanding and belief that if Fatimah RA was angry with someone, it doesn’t mean the person she is angry with has to enter punishment and so on, she thought they didn’t reconcile. So she stated what she heard and knew.

So the issue of standing while urinating is clear inshaallah and that fiqh and common sense dictates that you stand, and not sit in dirt and rubbish while urinating.

A last point to mention here is that someone might come along and say how come the Prophet beckoned for Hudaifa to come while he RA was walking away?

There are several things here.

1. He was behind him, so he couldn’t see anything.

2. Nowhere suggests he was facing his back, in fact it is more likely for him to be facing away due to the next point.

3. The Prophet beckoned for him, mainly for two primary reasons, one could be that for protection from the eyes of people, and make sure no-one came that way. The other could be that he was meant to hold the container that the Prophet extracted water from in order to clean himself.

So no-one could claim this is a disgusting narration or that this is a lie against the Prophet SAW.

And Allah knows best.